IP Thermal Camera

  • GIROC-160  160*120 Dual IP Thermal Camera 

GIROC-160 is 160*120 Dual(Visual + Thermal) IP camera for fever detection, fire prevention etc.
It detects the people with fever and helps to prevent the spread of viruses.
It can also detect the abnormal high temperature and prevent the fire. 
Remote monitoring is possible. By using IP Thermal Camera technology, overheat situation of fever/fire can be detected. 


√  160*120 resolution
√  Supports Overlay / Visual / Thermal modes
√  Supports dual streaming (simultaneous monitoring of visual/thermal images is possible
√  Supports Camera Web Viewer page / VMS software
Camera Setting on the Camera Web Viewer page
Monitoring on the VMS software
√  Optimum affordable solution for fever / fire detection

[ GIROC-160 for Fever Detection System ]

[ GIROC-160 demo video for Fever Detection System ]

System diagram of GIROC-160


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