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AI-Mobility Detection&Tracking System (AI-MDTS)

  • AI-MDTS  All-weather Mobility Detection & Tracking System

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HVH-200 Video Enhancer                                     MDTS Software
Greentel's All-weather Mobility Detection & Tracking System(AI-MDTS) is the integrated system which includes
Greentel's HVH-200 Video Enhancer and the Australian Mobility Detection & Tracking Software


√  Video Enhancement Function for All-weather Day & Night Surveillance (CCTV, TODs)
    → Includes Greentel's HVH-200 Video Enhancer
  Misdetection Prevention Technology for Video Noise (Precipitations, Fogs, etc)
√  Video Recording and plays (Back-up system)
√  Optimum Software for Small  & Low speed Target Detection & Tracking
√  Can integrate to current Surveillance System without alterations
√  AI Based Targets Detection & Tracking Algorithm (Over 500 Targets Simultaneously)
√  Automatic Moving Targets Detection Warning
√  Small, Low speed Target Detection & Tracking at Full Range (With Tracking Records)
√  Pop up and Digital Zooming for designated Targets
√  Target filtering control with the Sensitivity and Speed
√  Higher Surveillance effectiveness and Lower operator’s fatigues by Auto Video Enhancement
    & Auto Detection, Tracking and Warning functions   

< System Diagram of AI-MDTS >

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< Result images of AI-MDTS >

Undetected vessels and birds can be clearly detected through Greentel's AI-MDTS 
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< Applications of AI-MDTS >

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