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SV-200 improves the visibility of videos deteriorated by fog, low light and other adverse conditions.
It can enhance not only the real-time videos, but also the stored videos. 

In addition to videos from regular cameras, it is particularly effective in enhancing images from Thermal Imaging IR cameras.


√  Can convert Defogging product to Thermal Camera product by external control
√  Display controlling mode & enhanced area status on screen by OSD Technology externally
√  Powerful algorithm of clearing the images of fog and thermal camera
√  Equipped with superior Noise Reduction Filter technology

 Reference sites 

JAPAN : Flood prevention system, Major facilities surveillance(power plants etc.)
​KOREA : Ocean surveillance, Navy vessels

Result images of SV-200 (Thermal type)

These days, thermal cameras are being provided to many sites and the supply rate has been increased drastically.

They don’t need illuminator, so invaders can’t know their position and they can be used under bad weather condition like heavy fog.

Despite these advantages, thermal cameras have one critical downside.

Every thermal cameras show objects on screen using the wavelength of infrared energy radiated from objects. Therefore, if the temperature of background becomes similar to the temperature of objects, it is very difficult to distinguish objects from the background.


If the image of thermal camera is blurred because temperature difference between objects is getting smaller, we can cleary improve the blurred thermal camera’s image using our SV-200 Video enhancer like below.


  At midnight, in midsummer

When the ground which has heated during the day in the summer cools down slowly after sunset, the temperature of the ground and the atmosphere becomes similar. So it is hard to distinguish things apart after sunset in the summer.

An unseen island and some floating materials appear.
Unseen streetlamps and people walking along the beach appear.

√  At dawn before the sunrise, in winter

In the dark early morning before sunrise in the winter, the temperature of all objects decreases and  the temperaure difference becomes very small. Therefore, it becomes difficult for thermal camera to distinguish between objects and background.

Blurry wires, trees and fields become clear.
Unseen moon and racks of the buildings appear.

  In case of heavy rain, it is especially difficult for thermal camera to distinguish objects,

because everythings get wet and therefore they have very small temperature differences.

Result images of SV-200 (Defog type)

The blurry wires of electric power stations become clear.
The blurry seagulls, wave become clear.
And the unseen buildings behind the lighthouse appear.

This defog type product is being used for port management centers' vessel management in foggy weather, and also being installed in ship to prevent the collision between vessels or reefs.


When the image is blurred by fog or sea fog, normal cameras cannot monitor the targets. It is very hard to monitor objects with normal camera(CCTV etc.) other than thermal cameras.


If the image of cameras is blurred by the foggy weather, it can be enhanced significantly by our SV-200 Video enhancer like below.

Result images of SV-200 (Low light)

Additionally, the low light enhancement is the default option of SV-200 Video enhancer.

At the dark casino, unseen people and the carpet appear.
  • SV-100-TH Affordable product for thermal image enhancement (discontinued model)




SV-100-TH is the affordable product which is focused to enhance the images of Thermal camera.
It enhances the image using the distinctive characteristic of thermal camera(including FLIR thermal camera.)
It can enhance not only the real-time videos, but also the stored videos. 


√  Thermal camera type : optimized for the video enhancement of Thermal Camera
√  Reduce noise by optimal algorithm → Provide the clear image

 Reference sites 

Flood prevention system, Major facilities surveillance(power plants etc.), Ocean surveillance

Result images of SV-100-TH (Thermal type)

  Can notice the pedestrians and the road condition

Unseen trees and the road appear.
Unseen street lamps on the beach appear.
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