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About CEO


GREENTEL aims to construct society which is safe from disaster and accident. 

We also aim to make a safer day than the day before, and create a society that everyone can stay happy and safe.   

To help people live healthy and safe, we will try to develop and provide products

- which will contribute to more safe and happy society - by grafting Video technology onto the IoT technology. ​​


                                                                            GREENTEL CEO 



 1985 ~ 2011 

  1985   Graduated from the Information & Communication Engineering department of Korea Aerospace University 

  1987   Graduated from Konkuk University,with Master of Electronic Engineering

  1988   Served at army as a Master's degree officer

  1988. 09 ~ 2008. 06   Developed disaster prevention systems in Quality assurance team and the headquarter of R&D for 20 years


  2006   Received a Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering at Korea Aerospace University

  2008 ~ 2011. 01   Work as a freelancer and a senior advisor of Sensor-related company



  2011. 02   Founded Greentel incorporation

 2012 ~ 2016  


  2012    Developed the Video Enhancer

  2012 ~ 2016   Appointed as an adjunct professor of Kunsan National University and Korea Polytechnic University


  2013    Developed the v.2 SSOG Video Enhancer

  2013    Developed the Video Enhancer for medical endoscope


  2014    Supplied the v.2 SSOG Video Enhancer to Korean NAVY

  2014    Registered 2 patents related to Image Processing Technology


  2015    Developed the Video Enhancer for thermal camera enhancement

  2015    Developed the Video Stabilizer


  2016   Provided the Video Enhancer for thermal camera & the Video Stabilizer to JAPAN


  2017    Supplied SV-200 Video Enhancer to Turkey and India

  2017    Supplied SV-100 & SST-100 products to the water level monitoring system of Hiroshima, JAPAN

  2017    Supplied SV-200 Video Enhancer to the TOD system which monitors the isles regions in the Yellow Sea


  2018    Developed the Video enhancer for Handheld(Portable) X-ray   

  2018    Developed the World's First Intelligent All-In-One Video Processing Device