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Oculen SST-100 is the SD Analog Video Stabilizer.
It reduces and optimally corrects camera shake to provide stable and clean video in real-time critical monitoring.
It corrects horizontal, vertical and circular shaking (real-time monitoring / normal level value auto correction).
It can correct the shaky images not only in real-time, but also the stored shaky images of VTR(Video tape recorder).  
And the installation of product is very easy & simple with existing system (Plug and Play).


√  Application of fully auto-control technology → Corrects images of various shaking
√  Support 10% more shaking width of screen than competing products
√  Support higher vibration frequency than competing products
  Highly cost-efficient : lower price than competing products of same performance

 Reference sites 

Vessel, Yacht, River, Armored vehicle, Tank

Result images of SST-100

  Shaky images due to internal / external vibration

When the images are shaken by various internal / external vibration, SST-100 corrects the image. It helps you see clearer regardless of external vibration (strong wind, earthquake etc.) and internal vibration (mobile vehicles).

The objects which is hard to detect can be seen.
Shaky image of the cars in the parking lot can be seen clearly.
Indecipherable shaky letters on the sign can be read.

Result video of SST-100

The video is shaken a lot because of the bumpy road. 
LEFT: Original video taken in the mobile vehicle
RIGHT: Enhanced video by SST-100 Video stabilizer.

  Oculen SST-100 Video Stabilizer, is most efficient when it operates together with Oculen SV-200 Video enhancer. 

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