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Patent & Technology

Holding technology

CDMA/TRS GATEWAY development / Participation and Demonstraton on Trial performance of Incheon Grand Park & Seoul firefighting prevention

Disaster Monitoring System using Zigbee / Patent Registration


PIR / UVTron Sensor Network

IR CAMERA / Laser beam ejector

Thermal CAMERA itself & Disaster Monitoring System using Thermal CAMERA

U-ARMY and manless security, base camp security system 

Wireless stethoscope development

Battery restorer and remote management system

Positioning management technology of terminal  / Patent application 10-2007-0044302,  10-2008-0098902

Disaster Monitoring loudspeaker system / Patent Registration 20-2007-0000916

Flame sensor and Single unit camera Disaster Monitoring System

Automatic reading method of weather condition from image data & Image processing method of image enhancement using the method / Patent Registration 10-1359549

Optional video enhancement performing method based on the automatic video data analysis / Patent Registration 10-1370545


ISO Certificates

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