[ Necessities of Thermal Cameras in Fever Detection System ] 

Fever Detection System - High-tier Screening Thermography (GIRM-SST Series)

[ Target markets of High-tier Screening Thermography ]

√  High accuracy and ultra long distance temperature measurement

√  Suitable for public places with large, orderly flows of people such as airports, transportation hubs,       

    shopping malls, government buildings or enterprises.  

√  Meets the ISO IEC 80601-2-59 requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of

    screening thermographs for human febrile temperature screening

√  Certified as medical grade by the National Medical Products Administration in China.


Fever Detection System - IP Thermal Camera (GIROC Series)

[ Target markets of IP Thermal camera for Fever Detection ] 

√  Affordable solution for fever detection

√  Can be installed at any place where quarantine is necessary 

    (Densely populated area such as school, army base, convention and concert hall/

     or small businesses, private residences etc.) 

√  Remote monitoring is available as it supports network


[ Target markets of IP Thermal camera for Various uses ] 

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