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Thermal Image Enhancement

  • Why do we need to enhance the image of Thermal Camera?


Every thermal cameras show objects on screen using the wavelength of infrared energy radiated from objects.

Therefore, if the temperature of background becomes similar to the temperature of objects, it is very difficult to distinguish objects from the background.


For example, in the dark early morning before sunrise in the winter, the temperature of all objects decreases a lot and the temperature difference becomes very small. Therefore, it becomes difficult for thermal camera to distinguish between objects and the background.

In addition, when the ground is heated during the day in the summer, it cools down slowly after sunset. So, the temperature of the ground and the atmosphere becomes similar. Therefore, it is also hard to distinguish things apart after sunset in the summer.

And most importantly, Heavy rains make it difficult for thermal camera to distinguish objects. 

The reason is that everything gets wet and therefore the temperature difference becomes very small.

If the image of thermal camera is blurred because of the small temperature difference between objects like above cases, you can clearly improve the blurred thermal camera’s images using our SV-200 Video enhancer.

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