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  • HVS-100  Full HD Video Enhancer (HD-SDI type)




  • HVD-100  Full HD Video Enhancer (DVI type, Discontinued model)




HVH-200 and HVS-100 are the Full HD Video Enhancer for HDMI and HD-SDI interface.
They make images deteriorated by fog, dust, and other elements sharper, clearer, and brighter for improved visibility – optimal for highway, airport, harbor, and perimeter monitoring. They improve the visibility of videos deteriorated by fog, low light, fine dust and other adverse conditions.
Cameras with defog function and software-based defog products are unable to provide the quality required in the field.
Oculen HVH-200 and HVS-100 are the optimal solution you need.


√  Optimal video correction conditions based on the world’s first application of fully auto mode fog removal        – automatic selection of 256 levels of filtering depending on fog density
√  High-performance FPGA solution with exclusive fog removal algorithm
√  Automatic detection and correction of night image without external sensors
√  Maximum suppression of noise with use of noise reduction filter
√  Outstanding improvement of visibility deteriorated by fog, rain, yellow dust, smog and low-light

 Reference sites 

Army, Air Force, Coastguard, Highway, Airport, Dam, Harbor, Night, Thermal Camera

Result images of HVH-200, HVS-100

  Application to usual places 

When there is a heavy fog in usual places, our Full HD video enhancer products can make you see better, clearer images. 

Blurry image of a pension and trees becomes clear.
Blurry image of a rocky mountain becomes clear.
Blurry image of people on the boat in the river becomes clear.
Blurry image of trees and bushes becomes clear.

  Application to important facilities

In important facilities which need continuous monitoring for safety, our HD level video enhancer products help your monitoring regardless of bad weather (heavy fog, mist, smog etc.)

Blurry image of a dam becomes clear.
Blurry image of an airplane in the airport becomes clear.
Blurry image of a harbor becomes clear.
Unseen moon and racks of the buildings appear.
Blurry image of apartments and a construction site becomes clear.

  In case of heavy fog, it is especially difficult for general CCTVs to distinguish objects.

For continuous monitoring regardless of weather condition, HVH-200/ HVS-100 is necessary.

  Enhancement of Night Scene is also available


HVH-200/ HVS-100 Video enhancer automatically determines the degree of darkness based on analysis of image from the camera without external light sensors. Then it  makes the correction to improve visibility.

Unseen 3 people at night can be seen.

  Enhancement of Snowy video is also available


  Enhancement of Thermal video is also available


Result videos of HVH-200, HVS-100

Blurry image of a large bridge and cranes of dockyard become clear. You can see the clear color and images.
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