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Greentel's SST-100 Video Stabilizer + SV-200 Video Enhancer


√  Can acquire clear images which is suitable for water level monitoring, regardless of various environment changes(such as night, rainfall, fog, wind, typhoon, and earthquake etc.)
√  This Greentel's FAS Solution has been installed in Hiroshima, JAPAN for Flood Prevention and will be installed in many other countries

Result images of FAS solution

  The riverside, in rainy weather

During rainfall, the water temperature becomes similar with the air temperature.

Therefore, water level is hard to detect by thermal camera, no matter if it is day or night.


Original image by FLIR Thermal camera
Enhanced image by FAS solution
The unseen water level and trees along the river can be seen regardless of the weather condition. 

 Reference Sites 

Reference site
(A river in Hiroshima, JAPAN)
Installed thermal camera
(FLIR Thermal camera)
Installed Greentel products
(in the cabinet of the control room)
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